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DISCLAIMER: It gave me no join putting these guys here.


Well there you have it, New England fans. If you weren't already our number one, getting Antonio Brown certainly put you there.

This team has so much going for it that we can't but put them on top. The defense is one of the most versatile units from top to bottom; and Tom Brady is... Tom Brady.


Can't wait to see Wentz get back out there. But he needs to stay there. The team has so many weapons that they can attack you any which way. And you can be sure they will with Doug Pederson calling the plays.


The offense is unreal. The defense is far, far behind it in terms of production. It has to get better, but equally, Kansas City showed it can survive by being uncatchable on the scoreboard.

And that's not a bad strategy, considering no team could really keep pace with the Chiefs until the high powered Rams stung them on Monday Night Football and the Patriots kept them in toe for three quarters of the AFC Championship game.


The New Orleans Saints were quite literally a Super Bowl caliber team last season except for a blown call. They took no step back since then, and look destined to go again in 2019.

This defense is as stacked as it ever has been under head coach Sean Payton. 

While time is ticking for Brees, he has a collection of surrounding talent that rivals any throughout his career. They're the best in football's toughest division.


Shocked we got to Week 1 with the Cowboys roster intact. With so many contracts to get done - and some still remain - a holdout or trade seemed inevitable.

This team is good, but not sure they beat the Eagles for the championship again. Excited to find out.


Teams were starting to find the Rams out even before the Super Bowl. Namely Chicago and Philadelphia, but ultimately Bill Bellichick got it done. 

With a blueprint to be beaten, Sean McVay needs to come up with a different way of getting guys open. Teams know to defend the run and force Goff to make a play, and the former first overall pick struggles at that. I don't expect the Rams to stay here long. But they can prove me wrong.


We're high on the Chargers at 1SBD. The team has talented play-makers and a stacked defense. But depth could be an issue. As is pressure on quarterback Phillip Rivers.

The Chargers looked great en route to a 12-4 record last year. But seemingly everything went their way, and that won't happen two years in a row. The offensive line looks like one of the worst in the league, and despite Rivers ability to adjust at the line of scrimmage, an injury there could derail the team.


There's nothing saying Minnesota can't be one of the best offenses in football.. outside of quarterback Kirk Cousins. What version of the 31-year-old will show up to play will determine how successful this offense - with some strong play makers and a finally (?) rejuvenated offensive line - will be.

On defense, there's plenty of pieces but only safety Harrison Smith is a star. If he plays well, he will elevate a lot of guys around him.


It must be tough to have THAT kind of season derailed by a last minute kick. Nonetheless, 2018 is behind us and the Bears will move on. But will they take their defense with them?

It's rare the league's best defense remains there from year-to-year.

But even a little regression might be too much considering the offense. Mitch Trubisky got away with a TONNE last year, and is unlikely to be so lucky again.


JuJu Smith-Schuster looks well capable of filling Antonio Brown's shoes, while second year guy James Washington and Donte Moncrief are strong depth options behind him. It doesn't mean AB's absence will go unnoticed, but it certainly doesn't rule out the Steelers getting the last laugh here either. Especially with how James Conner is playing out at running back.


Koetter and Ryan are familiar with one another since Koetter served in as Falcons offensive coordinator 2012 to 2014. Back in the role once more, Ryan will hope it will again take him to Pro Bowls.

On defence, a lot of maintenance moves were made since the last snap but little actual change. That secondary has to take a huge step up if Atlanta is to keep up in football's most competitive division.


Does the Ravens season rely on quarterback Lamar Jackson's progress? The second year quarterback was one of the most talked about names in the off-season and figures to take a step forward with a bespoke offense around him. Relying on the run, the team figures to operate a bit like the Rams, and will open up the field by disguising pass plays as play action.


Let's get a caveat out of the way quickly: not much separates Cleveland from the rest of the division. There's concerns on the O-Line, quarterback Baker Mayfield isn't endearing himself to opposing pass rushers, and defensive coordinator Steve Wilks still has to prove he wasn't a product of a good situation in Carolina after a woeful year with the Cardinals.

But we hope the hype is real.


If anyone benefited from Andrew Luck's retirement, it's Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Last month's shocking news left the AFC South wide open; and no one is in a better position than Watson to become the face of the division.

Strides are expected from the 23-year-old in Year 3. While his offensive line didn't look too bolstered until the trade for Laremy Tunsil, the left tackle's presence transforms what this offense can do.


The Panthers are a contender. They were a top offense (at 6-2) last year before quarterback Cam Newton got injured.

With new owner David Tepper coming in a year ago, the team might need to return to the same form they had in 2018's first half. If not, the hedge fund manager may opt for some coaching changes to really put a stamp on it being his team.


There's so much excitement around the Packers this year. Everything seemingly went wrong for the franchise in 2018, so after heaps of change - that involved bringing in offensive guru Matt LaFleur as head coach - it's time for quarterback Aaron Rodgers to get back to elite. If he does, this division becomes super interesting. 


How's this offense going to work out? Despite paying Wislon all that money in the off-season, the team is run focused. It's almost like they should trade for Josh Allen and if free up some cap. That said, their division might not be as competitive as it once was. If the Rams regress like we believe possible, the Seahawks know how to position themselves to take advantage.


Which version of quarterback Nick Foles will show up in Jacksonville is a mystery. The last time he played outside of Philadelphia, the Super Bowl 52 MVP looked destined for an early exit from the league.

On paper, Foles isn't as attractive as other quarterbacks. Very few Fantasy players will go near him. But the 30-the-year has shown such promising flashes that there's hope he can just do enough to keep Jacksonville competitive this year.


Way to go John Elway going after new head coach Vic Fangio. The defense clearly wasn't working under his predecessor Vance Joseph, but now has an opportunity to return to some kind of formidable form.

Fangio lead a devastating defense in Chicago last year. He has a stacked front seven that will allow him to focus on improving the secondary. A bit like the 2016 script, if the defense can do the dirty work, the offense might not need to do a lot to get the win.


Who'd have thought the Bills would be so intriguing entering the year? They're versatile at wide receiver and Josh Allen is just one option coming out of a strong backfield.

After spending a bunch of money in free agency, they're a team we're paying attention to. In an improving AFC East, expect them to close the gap a bit.


Can't wait to get an answer about this offense under Kyle Shanahan. He's been such a promising offensive coordinator but had no luck since becoming a head coach. Is Jimmy G a bust? I don't think so. He doesn't have a bunch of top tier talent around him, but that's not required for this offense.

The defensive front is great when playing up to their potential. They'll hope to force some throws into the laziest secondary from 2018; with the team picking off a dismal two balls.


The Colts failed to win the AFC South last season with quarterback Andrew Luck. So what hope has the team without him?

It would be naive to say Luck's departure isn't a severe set back, but this team can still win. This team is loaded with play makers, is stacked on defense and has a 2018 Coach of the Year candidate in Frank Reich.


The Buccaneers aren't just any old team with a quarterback question. They're a team with a quarterback question and a head coach known as a Quarterback Whisperer. If that doesn't excite fans, I don't know what will.

The team looks set up like a poor man's Kansas City Chiefs on offense BUT a defense that could surprise a lot of people this year. Will be paying close attention. 


Really intereted to see what this New York team can do. A lot of change, a lot of money spent in free agency, but very little hype. Can Le'Veon Bell change that?

Year 2 with Sam Darnold should be interesting. He's in a new scheme, but one that's be tailored for him. Unfortunately he doesn't have too many weapons.


What a mess that was. With AB out of Oakland, the Raiders lost the spark that made some wins look possible. While the team was always likely to come bottom of the division, it seems certain now.

And it's a shame. The team looked to get better throughout the off-season. We're not going to pick apart the Clelin Farrell pick because anything that can help them create pressure - and sacks - is a good thing.


The Detroit Lions are doing things differently compared to most teams. Through head coach Matt Patricia's defensive philosophy, the team hopes to establish the run and defend strongly against the run to win games. In a pass heavy league.

We'll see how it goes for them. They have some good pass catchers. But on defense, Darius Slay still doesn't have a long term answer opposite him.


Another season, another prove it year for Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. The former second overall pick will see his fifth offensive coordinator since entering the league in 2015; a wholly unideal situation. All in all, this year might not be as strong as some commentators hope. An answer at the quarterback position would go a long ways for the team coming out of 2019, and might be the best they can hope for.


The Bengals are somewhat similar to the ugly duckling tale. They're ugly.

In football's most intriguing division, Cincinnati looks miles away from the action. And we don't expect anything more than a last place finish in the AFC North.


Every job in Arizona's front office is on the line after the team doubled down on its commitment to explosive offense and selected quarterback Kyler Murray in the draft. We'll soon see what he and head coach Kliff Kingsbury have been cooking up in the desert -- and that elusiveness is why we chose them over the Redskins here.


With the starting cornerbacks out to start the year, a decent safety group will really need to step up.


Washington's offense was bottom five in points and pass yards last season partly because of quarterback Alex Smith's injury but mostly because of a poor wide receiver room. Yet the team didn't go out and upgrade the unit save for a third round draft pick. If offensive-minded head coach Jay Gruden can't scheme for the talent he has, he could be looking for a new job next year. Tough place to be.


General manager Dave Gettleman caused plenty of frustration in the Big Apple this off-season, but suddenly fans might want to see the over-scrutisined Daniel Jones on the field. With a succession plan in place, 2019 could be a great field test for the future at the quarterback position.

With Barkley there's always a chance this team explodes, but it's hard to see them getting out of their division. 


There's been a fire sale in Miami and we remain confident this team is going no where in 2019. It's a shame for fans, but after the rebuild they should have a decent team thanks to the high draft picks they front office is hell bent on on getting.

It's going to be a long couple years for those fans that choose to stick around.



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